Honey Sriracha Chicken

If you’re looking for a new way to cook chicken, this is a must try. Head over to Simply Reem to find the whole recipe.


Weekend DIY – Antlers and Cork Board

We’re always on the hunt for something to spray paint. At the end of the summer, I picked up these metal deer antlers from Marshalls and a gold framed print ($2) from a flea market in Frederick. I wanted the antlers to look somewhat real, so we picked up some ivory matte spray paint from Lowes. And for the frame, we picked a coral to match some other art in the house. Here’s how they turned out:






cork board_2939

The Cutest Christmas Puppy

Duke 1

duke 3

duke 2

New Recipes

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m hoping to get back into blogging now that I’m on winter break. I figured the best place to start is with a few new recipes. I’m always on the lookout for new meal ideas and found some recent winners worth sharing:


Definitely a “Paleo” theme in our dinner planning over the last few weeks.  The Paleo-Aholic website has some great meal recommendations regardless of whether or not you’re following a strict diet. We’re far from going carb-free in our house!  I just like their website and have attempted to eliminate unnecessary carbs where possible.

Speaking of carbs…for my gluten free friends, I finally found a delicious bread from Schar. GF or not, it’s SO good! It has a slight sourdough taste and doesn’t fall apart. I’m hooked! Definitely worth stocking up if you can find it in the freezer aisle.

Until the next post….


Weekend Project – Chair Makeovers

A few weeks back, I was feeling the need to start a new project. We kept getting coupons in the mail for ReStore in Frederick and decided to check it out. We were so impressed by their large inventory and selection of material, furniture, fixtures, etc. This place is huge! Definitely worth the trip if you’re in the area. We picked up two $5 chairs, purchased some spray paint and fabric.


My chair model


The cushion was in great condition on this chair and just needed a little sanding.


We cut the spindles out at the top. They seemed unnecessary and honestly outdated.

web_ 3

Second chair. Not in the best condition, but a little TLC went a long way. Don’t you love the avocado green?


I searched a bunch of fabric websites and liked Spoonflower the best. This is the fabric I used.



Love this ombre chevron, also from Spoonflower. I also used some leftover wall paint to “dip” the legs.



Already looking for another chair to recover. I think it’s one of my favorite DIY projects.


I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!


The “tail” of a little rhodesian puppy

Back in January, we put a deposit down for a Rhodesian Ridgeback. At the time, we thought it would only be a few short weeks before a litter would be available. But we had to wait almost 6 long months before bringing a puppy home. In the end, we got the perfect dog and couldn’t be happier.

In mid-June, we got to meet a litter of 10 puppies (5 males and 5 females). We immediately fell in love with the “red” collared male. He was the most curious puppy out of the bunch and didn’t whine and run back to the pack when we played with him. He also loved to snuggle and stay close to us. We made our decision and couldn’t wait for the next two weeks to pass.



June 29th finally arrived and we couldn’t wait to get our Duke. He had already grown so much!



Exploring the neighborhood

photo 2-39


Every dog owner warned us how difficult the first few days would be. Crate training and making it outside in time was definitely challenging the first three days. But sleep deprivation hit us the hardest…


Duke’s sweet temperament and adorable face made up for the lack of sleep 🙂
low res_1051-1

low res_1076

In the first week home, he mastered “sit” and “down”. Hopefully the rest of his training goes just as smoothly.

low res_1082

Meeting my in-laws dog “Lexus”


Duke loves taking naps. The first two weeks, we let him sleep on the couch with us. But he decided on his own that the dog bed was more comfortable. He now prefers the floor when we’re home and the crate at night.


Wasn’t a huge fan of the camera the first week home


We find him in the funniest sleeping positions.


Loves the car and coming on errands


Meeting his mom again at 11 weeks. They loved running around and exploring the yard together. He was so submissive with her compared to other dogs. I don’t think he’ll ever forget who his mom is!


12 weeks old and growing like a weed. He was 14 lbs the day he came come and now almost 30 lbs. We start puppy classes in two weeks and let him socialize with other puppies every day at Greenbriar. We love our newest addition!


Our Anniversary Trip to Disney

For our 2-year anniversary, we had a wonderful time celebrating in Disney World. We packed tons of fun into our three day stay and can’t wait to go back some day. We finished our Florida trip in Siesta Key (one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll see) for an additional two days.


We stayed at the Port Orleans (French Quarter), only a few minutes away from the parks. It was decently priced and would highly recommend it to anyone planning a trip. We spent our first day at the Magic Kingdom….



Be Our Guest was a great lunch spot and a beautifully recreated version of the castle from Beauty and the Beast. They had some delicious gluten free options and impressive menu.

IMG_1843 IMG_1863


Loved the fireworks at the end of the day!


Second day: Epcot




We found Alice and her garden



Creating our vehicle at the Test Track – great ride!


And of course we had to get some character shots, too!

IMG_1950 IMG_1945 IMG_1943IMG_0529 IMG_0523





The last day, we went to Universal Orlando to see the Harry Potter attraction. It certainly didn’t disappoint!



Walking through Hogsmeade Village


Delicious Butterbeer



The Hogwarts Castle was the best ride out of all the parks we visited. We loved the tour and recreated scences of the book come to life.


Our last two days at Siesta Key were relaxing, but adventurous. We went on a kayak trip, visited the beaches, found some great restaurants and caught up on some much needed sleep : )

IMG_1975 IMG_0581 IMG_0595

Here were a few of our favorite restaurants when we visited. We also purchased the meal plan at Disney which saved us a bundle.

On the resorts

Grand Floridian (They had best gluten free rolls I’ve ever had)

Le Cellier Steakhouse

Be Our Guest (for lunch). They were booking dinner reservations 6 months in advance!

Siesta Key

Eat Here

Soloranzo Brothers Pizzeria

Subzero ice cream

Baked Cauliflower

Just tried this delicious baked cauliflower recipe. So much flavor between the hot pepper flakes and coarse salt. I added some garlic powder, too. Let it sit under the broiler for 3 minutes to make them extra crispy. A delicious complement to our grilled pork chops. Yum!


A few recipes worth trying

I’m long overdue for a blog post! Once this semester is over, I’m hoping to get back into blogging again. In the meantime, here’s some new favorite recipes from Pinterest that I tried over the last week:

Caprese Grilled Chicken

Grilled Pork Chops with Basil-Garlic Rub

Spicy Thai Noodles

Spiced Pumpkin Muffins

If you’re looking for a ridiculously sweet dessert, be sure to try this Peanut Butter Cup Pie.

Have a wonderful week!

When Bobby Flay, Paula Deen and the Pioneer Woman come to dinner…

A few weekends ago (when we actually had warmer weather), we thought it was a great excuse to pull out the grill. My husband has become quite the grill master and found a Bobby Flay steak rub recipe that he wanted to try out. Man was it good!

The rub can be found here – we didn’t make the provolone sauce, but I’m sure it’s delicious. There was so much flavor and just a bit of kick from the chili powder that it really didn’t need anything else.

photo 2-38

Let the rub set in for about a half hour.

low res_ 1-49

Quick 8-9 minutes on the grill

low res_0418

We made Paula Deen’s cucumber, tomato and onion salad. We also added mozzarella balls for extra flavor. This will be a new staple for our summer meals!


And we couldn’t resist The Pioneer Woman’s potato wedges. The perfect pairing.

low res_0423

And the final product. Can’t wait for warmer weather so we can try more Bobby Flay recipes!  low res_1645

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