Chartreuse and Co. – Market Days

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Chartreuse and Co. in Frederick, make sure you plan a trip this weekend. They’re hosting “Market Days” Saturday and Sunday with tons of local vendors and two barns full of antiques, furniture and beautiful decorative pieces. Here are a few pictures from my phone.

Funky and fun decorative accents

More antiques

If you like birds/eggs, you’ll find it’s a common them among the vendors and in the barn

The main barn has endless eclectic pieces and beautiful staging. If nothing else, it’ll give you some great decorating ideas.

Great pillows and one of a kind pieces of furniture.

My finds: Antique wooden crate for my herbs – $15

And a slate slab with pre-drilled holes for my kitchen – $10

I could have spent the entire day there. But my budget wouldn’t allow for that. Plan to stay for about 2-3 hours and you won’t come home empty-handed.


And That’s a Wrap…

We had a pretty uneventful weekend.

My tomato seeds made their appearance. Even the lone survivor on the far right that was inadvertently dropped before it sprouted.

My order arrived just in time to do some baking.

If anyone’s curious, I keep potato starch, brown rice, white rice, tapioca flour, millet flour, sweet rice flour, sorghum flour, garbanzo bean flour, guar gum and xantham gum on hand for all my baking/cooking.

I made a loaf of my Great Grandmother’s (non gluten-free bread) for my husband. And a loaf of gluten-free Challah bread for myself (on the right).

We had a lovely visit with my husband’s Grandmother today. I found out that the bloom pictured above is a from a Tulip Tree and not a Magnolia Tree. Learn something new every day!

Late Christmas present – I finally picked out a pair of real Western boots that I ordered today. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

We hung out with some friends, relaxed…and were all wiped out in the end.

Hope you had a great weekend!

More Art Ideas

We have many blank walls around our house. After looking around several stores, we quickly realized furnishing our home with nice artwork was going to be more than we wanted to spend. Putting our own prints and frames together has saved us a bundle. Here are a few of the pieces.

Ikea (27×39) frame and New York print = $40

Ikea Ribba frame and number print = $27

Christmas gift from my brother with an inexpensive poster frame from

Basic white $10 frames from Target with .19 cent scrapbook paper

I took a a map from my trip to Italy and covered a cheap mat from Michael’s. Inspired by this link on Martha Stewart.

The mantle – $35 Martha Stewart Mirror from Lowes and decor from Michael’s

Frame and scrapbook paper from Michael’s (putting those 40% off coupons to work)

…. and more scrapbook paper

A Walk Around the Block

I absolutely LOVE our neighborhood. My husband purchased our house about 2 1/2 years ago in the Urbana area. It’s a great community with lots of young couples/families, great restaurants and places to walk. There’s still a good bit of construction going on (several more townhouses going in, single family homes, recreational parks, etc). Here’s a couple of pictures from my walk today.

The firehouse is literally right across from us. Thankfully we hardly ever hear the sirens.

Still several lots for sale!


The field on the side of our house

All of the Cherry Blossom’s are in full bloom

Our noisy neighbors

My “dream home”. There’s a bunch of houses in our neighborhood with the double, wrap-around porches. I love walking by at night when they’re all lit up.

The library, grocery store and shops (within walking distance of our house)

There’s also some historical homes scattered in the neighborhood. Not sure what the story is behind this one and what it’s used for these days. But it has several benches surrounding the property for the community to enjoy. We’re also about 4 miles away from the Monocacy National Battlefield. I love that we’re in the midst of some history.

This old house looks like something out of a Jane Austen Movie.

I will try and post some pictures of the inside of our house soon!

Antique Key Display

My Grandfather or “Grandpap” loved to collect little knickknacks. One of those things were antique keys. My Dad has an entire drawer full of keys that my Grandfather left for him. On my wedding day, I attached one of my favorite keys to my bouquet in remembrance of him.

I always admired his collection and wanted to display them in my house one day. I recently headed to Michael’s Arts and Crafts to pick up some supplies. Here’s a simple tutorial on my framed shadowbox keys.

Purchase a pack of basic sewing pins

This shadowbox frame was on clearance for $9, but with their weekly 40% off coupons, you can buy their standard shadowboxes for about $15.

Insert pins and hang the keys…takes less than 5 minutes!

A simple and budget-friendly way to add some art to your house!

My Not So Green Thumb – A St. Patrick’s Day Post

Growing up, I kept a small garden at my parents house. My “garden” consisted of two hydrangea bushes, a climbing hydrangea bush and Lily of the Valley. Besides basic weeding and watering, I never really paid much attention to it. Now that I have a home of my own, I’ve become much more interested in Horticulture. We ripped out all our plants last Fall and started afresh. Now that Spring is upon us, I’m giving seeds a try. Here’s my little garden in the making. Wish me luck ; )

Getting started

Love fresh herbs! Hoping the Cilantro and Basil grow tenfold.

Planted Basil

Tomatoes in the making

Tried and True – Some Favorite Gluten Free Recipes

In 2008, after many doctor visits, tests and medications, I found out I had developed a gluten allergy (specifically to wheat). Having to follow a strict diet was a very daunting task for me in the beginning. Thankfully, the food industry has come a long way since I was first diagnosed. The “gluten free” label has become a much more common sight at the grocery store, while a growing number of restaurants now have gluten-free menus available. There’s more variety, recipes and resources available for the growing population of people who struggle with food allergies. I’m still learning to cook and eat a gluten free diet, while also accommodating to my Italian husband who loves everything gluten! Finding something we both enjoy has taken some time, but here are some of our favorites!

Main courses



  • Flourless Chocolate Cake – SO delicious! And easy to make.
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes – I could eat these all day long. You would never know they were GF since they’re super moist and flavorful. We used this recipe for our wedding cake too.

I do most of my gluten free shopping at our local grocery store, but also get a good bit from They always have a good Groupon or Living Social deal going on. Everything else I alternate buying from Whole Foods, Mom’s Organic Market or The Common Market.


Weekend Project – A Modernized Chair

My husband and I love to work on projects. We especially like finding furniture that we can fix up and make uniquely “ours”. This was a a particularly fun, budget-friendly project. My Mom and a family friend found this chair at a great spot in Maryland called Chartreuse & Co for $25. We used two cans of bright white spray paint, an inexpensive cushion from Walmart and this gorgeous fabric from Tonic Living is a Canadian based fabric company with affordable, modern fabric and pillows. They always have a promotional code going on (currently TONICLIVING). Here are some snapshots of our modernized chair.


Fabric – “Good Life Gridwork, Blue” from


The final product – a perfect sewing chair in the craft room!


Welcome to my new blog! I’m excited to share my love for Interior Design, photography, gluten free eating, travel, budgets and fun projects (and probably a few blunders too). After studying design and working in high-end fabric, furniture and tile showrooms, the marketing field and my own wedding business, I’ve grown to appreciate beautiful environments, unique settings and creative people. As a young newlywed, I’m also learning new recipes to accommodate my gluten free diet, creative ways to decorate my home, shopping on a budget and looking for a great deal. I hope you enjoy the many posts to come!

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