Bedford, PA

Ron and I took a short trip to Bedford, PA last weekend to visit some good friends. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to explore the town. Upon arriving in Bedford County, our friends drove us through the quaint town and countryside. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but we stopped off at a few old churches.

Bedford is rich in history; the little town had a big part to play in the French and Indian war, contribution to the PA turnpike (originally Indians trails) and the discovery of a natural spring that developed into a prestigious and affluent spot in the 19th century. Read the history here.  Have you ever seen the stunning Omni Bedford Spring Resort? It’s quite the sight! The $120 million renovation boasts of beautiful architecture, golf courses and a restaurant that has fabulous reviews. Several of our US presidents have stayed at the resort.

We ate at a tavern called Jean Bonnet. If you’re ever in the area, a great spot to grab lunch or dinner and maybe a beer. I had their grilled chicken salad, topped with sweet peppers and french fries – delicious!

We loved the little town and already looking forward to our next visit!


Williamsburg, VA

We recently enjoyed a quick weekend getaway with my family to Williamsburg, VA. Although it was super hot, we had a blast exploring Colonial Williamsburg and the thrills of Busch Gardens. Here are a few pictures from our visit.

The Governor’s Palace

The Shoemaker Shop

Loved all these old houses and gardens

Enjoyed some delicious treats from the Wythe Candy shop

And the highlight of our trip…Busch Gardens. The Griffon (pictured above) was a huge hit!

This little cutie enjoyed all her kiddie rides and lunch with Elmo.

Zoning out after a long day in the heat…certainly a memorable day!

Voltaggio’s Newest Creation

Many of you probably know Bryan Voltaggio who was runner-up on Top Chef several years ago. He opened a restaurant in Frederick, MD called “Volt”. Although it’s difficult to get a reservation and a bit pricier than we’re used to, I’ve only heard good things about it.

Bryan recently opened another restaurant in Frederick called “Family Menu” that we visited tonight. All I can say is “WOW”. I would highly recommend it. It was the best food I’ve ever tasted! Everything was fresh (we actually saw a farmer dropping off food), organic and absolutely delicious. It has a 1960’s diner feel – all the waiters wear Levi jeans, Chucks and aprons. The actual building is an old Nissan dealership that they converted into a restaurant. Although in a slightly odd location, the building itself was quite impressive.

Great exterior and design that continues inside

A simple twist on everyday American food. But they also serve unique dishes like frog legs and pig ears.

The modern bar and kitchen

My husband ordered the fried chicken, biscuits and pickles. He said it was the best fried chicken he’s ever eaten. There was nothing left in the dish at the end of the night.

I ordered the Flat Iron Steak with caramelized onions, mushrooms and béarnaise. Hands down, best steak I’ve ever tasted!

Another huge hit! You have a choice of either duck fat or peanut oil fries. We chose the duck despite how odd it sounds. They had two dipping sauces that didn’t last long. One was a marinara and the other a garlic butter. We didn’t have dessert, but it also looked great.

We ended our night with a spontaneous walk around Best Farm…just another great date night in Frederick!


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