Weekend Project – Chair Makeovers

A few weeks back, I was feeling the need to start a new project. We kept getting coupons in the mail for ReStore in Frederick and decided to check it out. We were so impressed by their large inventory and selection of material, furniture, fixtures, etc. This place is huge! Definitely worth the trip if you’re in the area. We picked up two $5 chairs, purchased some spray paint and fabric.


My chair model


The cushion was in great condition on this chair and just needed a little sanding.


We cut the spindles out at the top. They seemed unnecessary and honestly outdated.

web_ 3

Second chair. Not in the best condition, but a little TLC went a long way. Don’t you love the avocado green?


I searched a bunch of fabric websites and liked Spoonflower the best. This is the fabric I used.



Love this ombre chevron, also from Spoonflower. I also used some leftover wall paint to “dip” the legs.



Already looking for another chair to recover. I think it’s one of my favorite DIY projects.


I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!



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