When Bobby Flay, Paula Deen and the Pioneer Woman come to dinner…

A few weekends ago (when we actually had warmer weather), we thought it was a great excuse to pull out the grill. My husband has become quite the grill master and found a Bobby Flay steak rub recipe that he wanted to try out. Man was it good!

The rub can be found here – we didn’t make the provolone sauce, but I’m sure it’s delicious. There was so much flavor and just a bit of kick from the chili powder that it really didn’t need anything else.

photo 2-38

Let the rub set in for about a half hour.

low res_ 1-49

Quick 8-9 minutes on the grill

low res_0418

We made Paula Deen’s cucumber, tomato and onion salad. We also added mozzarella balls for extra flavor. This will be a new staple for our summer meals!


And we couldn’t resist The Pioneer Woman’s potato wedges. The perfect pairing.

low res_0423

And the final product. Can’t wait for warmer weather so we can try more Bobby Flay recipes!  low res_1645


Succulent Garden (in the making)

I’m sure every Pinterest user has seen this stunning succulent garden about a thousand times. I love these little plants and decided it was time to finally start my own succulent garden.


We made a trip to our local Home Depot on date night and loved the selection of plants. Although it’s going to take some time building our garden, we started with 6 plants (1 large, 2 medium and 4 small) for about $19 (West Elm and Etsy have great a selection, too). Now I just need to find a fun pot to put them in. In the meantime, I’m enjoying these succulents hanging out in the kitchen.










If anyone has owned succulents, I’m curious how often I need to feed them? I read some articles that said they like tons of light and water and another said to only water once a month. Any tips would be appreciated!

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