Our Simple Valentine’s Day

Before meeting my husband, I would have said Valentine’s day was overrated and a waste of time. But little did I know it would be this “silly holiday” where I’d first meet him. To make a long story short, a mutual friend hosted a wine tasting party the day before Valentine’s in 2010. We sat at the same table and talked for most of the evening. Before I knew it, we started dating….and then planning a wedding. Fast forward three years and I still find the holiday fun because it’s part of our story. Although tax season has my husband pretty busy, and school has me preoccupied, we kept our Valentine’s day pretty simple. Forget the packed restaurants – we’d rather stay in! So here’s a little glimpse into our evening.


photo 1-47

I ran to my favorite craft store (Michael’s) to grab a few things. I found these fun sticky felt hearts, heart candles, paper and a tablecloth for under 6 bucks! I stuck the sticky hearts together on a fishing line to create a banner for our windows.



A few paper hearts as well…


A great surprise during my work day (personally delivered from my man, I might add).



Because we didn’t end up eating until almost 9pm, I didn’t capture any good pictures of our meal. Nevertheless, we had some tasty Trader Joe’s treats – a rack of lamb, broccoli, french fries (my weakness), Caesar salad and caprese salad on a stick. We ended our evening with some delicious gluten free chocolate cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting.


Heading to Chartreuse this weekend?

Hey local friends,

If you’re planning a trip to Chartreuse this weekend, stop by Martin’s Field right up the street. It’s an antique store owned by my husband’s Grandmother. She has the same hours as Chartreuse (Friday-Sunday) and has an electric mix of jewelry, vintage decor and gifts. She would love to see you! The address is 3447 Buckeystown Pike, Buckeystown, MD 21717.


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