Finally…our Instagram Frame!

This project has been in the works for several weeks now. It took a while to browse and edit all my Instagram pictures and decide which ones I wanted to display.  I used Printsagram (48 prints for $12) to print all our little photos. My only complaint with them is that it took several weeks to receive our order. Although they’re located in New York, the packaged came from China. So plan accordingly! You can read the whole tutorial here, if you haven’t already seen it on Pinterest. I also need to mention that I can’t take any credit for the spray painting or hanging. My husband is the pro when it comes to both, so I happily watched from a distance : )

We purchased a super tacky gold frame from Michael’s. I’m sure you could find a good one at a yard sale or thrift store. I wanted something with decorative corners and spent about $15 on this one.

Purchase 1 can of torquoise spray paint and clear gloss (if you prefer the “wet” look). You can buy both at Michael’s or Home Depot.

Buy some tiny clothespins (Michael’s) and clip them to some cardboard. Lightly spray with two or three coats of spray paint.

Hang the frame outside or in your garage and use two or three coats of paint. Once dry, finish with a clear coat.

Use some tiny nails or screws in the back and run wires horizontally. Clip your little pictures to the line and…voila! We did find that the pictures were twisting without lower support. Hence the 6 rows of wire.

Love the way it turned out!


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