DIY Chevron Painting

Every weekend I’m inspired to tackle one art project. With the chevron print showing up all over the fashion world, I figured it couldn’t be too difficult to paint. Here’s a simple tutorial. And I apologize in advance for the low quality pictures (quick shots from the iPad).

  • blank art canvas
  • small paintbrushes
  • chevron template
  • 4-5 bottles of acrylic paint
  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • scissors

I found this free template on Billie Monster’s Blog and used the “small, thick” pattern. We just happened to have beer left in our fridge (imagine that), so I used the cardboard box from that to trace my template.

Cut your desired “thickness” and trace onto the cardboard.

Use a pencil to mark the blank canvas with your template

I picked up cheap $0.50 acrylic paint from Walmart. The light gray was leftover wall paint and worked just as well on the canvas.

I applied four coats and a few touch ups. I also wrapped the chevron pattern around the canvas so it looked finished from all angles.
And there you have it! Simple and inexpensive artwork for the home.


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