Bedford, PA

Ron and I took a short trip to Bedford, PA last weekend to visit some good friends. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to explore the town. Upon arriving in Bedford County, our friends drove us through the quaint town and countryside. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but we stopped off at a few old churches.

Bedford is rich in history; the little town had a big part to play in the French and Indian war, contribution to the PA turnpike (originally Indians trails) and the discovery of a natural spring that developed into a prestigious and affluent spot in the 19th century. Read the history here.  Have you ever seen the stunning Omni Bedford Spring Resort? It’s quite the sight! The $120 million renovation boasts of beautiful architecture, golf courses and a restaurant that has fabulous reviews. Several of our US presidents have stayed at the resort.

We ate at a tavern called Jean Bonnet. If you’re ever in the area, a great spot to grab lunch or dinner and maybe a beer. I had their grilled chicken salad, topped with sweet peppers and french fries – delicious!

We loved the little town and already looking forward to our next visit!


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