Needing Help!

Our kitchen seat cushions are in major need of an update. They’re slowly ripping off my chairs, but I’m not too sad about it. I looked at several websites and couldn’t believe how expensive seat cushions are!! To save money, I’m going to recover our current ones. I’ve browsed several websites and narrowed the fabric down to two chevron patterns. But I’m torn and need help deciding which one. Here’s the details.

Our kitchen is a light yellow and no other [current] patterns to contend with. Eventually we’ll get neutral curtains and maybe a tablecloth.

Here are the choices. 1) Ash gray and white chevron pattern

Or, 2) Mini “multi-colored” chevron.

Our current cushions have a lovely green stripe with a coordinating floral pattern on the other side. Oh, and pretty bow ties.

Leave a comment on the Facebook post telling me which one you like better. Or if you have another chevron suggestion (under $12 yd), send them over! Thanks in advance!


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