Organizing and Recycling

I had two projects in mind for this week; tackle the “catch all” closet in the craft room and find a way to reuse my 200 + leftover wedding programs. First, the closet.

I was tempted to make this picture smaller so you couldn’t see all the clutter. But hopefully someone will appreciate my messiness.

I threw away about half the torn and beat up bags and boxes left from our wedding, leaving a ton of extra space. The three bags in this picture are still stuffed with nice boxes and gift bags I can reuse. I couldn’t believe how much we accumulated.

Second project was the wedding program re-purposing. I purchased a $6 shadowbox frame from Michael’s, a Martha Stewart heart punch and photo splits (I already had a paper cutter on hand). Quick side note: Michael’s now accepts coupons from your Iphone. I went in last week with the link to their site and the clerk scanned all three coupons, saving me almost 50%.

I went to town punching hearts throughout the entire program. I also took gray scrap-booking paper and cut it to fit the inside of the frame for my background.

I creased and folded the hearts in half, snipped photo splits into fourths and put them on the spine of the hearts, laying them down with little pressure in case I needed to move them.

I opened the hearts back up a bit after they were set in place.

And the final product! Now I just need to figure out what to do with the other 199 wedding programs.

Lastly, one of my tomato plants finally produced it’s first delicious batch of fruit. We’re looking forward to having them all summer long.


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