To Consign or Not to Consign? For the Locals…

I’ve never been a huge fan of consignment shops. But after visiting two local stores, my view on consigned clothing changed a bit.

After doing a huge spring cleaning of my closet, I cleaned and packed up a bunch of things I wasn’t wearing anymore. I headed to So Tres Chic in Gaithersburg in hopes that they’d snag a few items. They do require a one-time $10 fee to set up an account. Surprisingly they took most of my items, even though they weren’t “designer” (Gap, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, J. Crew, etc). They give you 50% of the selling price and have lots of great clothing to look at too. I’m still awaiting my first check….

I heard a radio ad for a place in Frederick called Plato’s Closet. If you’re in the Frederick area, I strongly recommend you take any unwanted items there. I was pleasantly surprised that they pay you cash upfront. I received $17.10 for a purse and shirt from target and a pair of jeans. Not too shabby, huh? They especially want items from Forever 21 and comparable stores. Stylish, but not over the top expensive.

Next time you’re ready to clean your closet, consider taking your clothes one of these locations!




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