Antique Key Display

My Grandfather or “Grandpap” loved to collect little knickknacks. One of those things were antique keys. My Dad has an entire drawer full of keys that my Grandfather left for him. On my wedding day, I attached one of my favorite keys to my bouquet in remembrance of him.

I always admired his collection and wanted to display them in my house one day. I recently headed to Michael’s Arts and Crafts to pick up some supplies. Here’s a simple tutorial on my framed shadowbox keys.

Purchase a pack of basic sewing pins

This shadowbox frame was on clearance for $9, but with their weekly 40% off coupons, you can buy their standard shadowboxes for about $15.

Insert pins and hang the keys…takes less than 5 minutes!

A simple and budget-friendly way to add some art to your house!


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